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I recently started my journey of getting hired in public. As a part of that, I promised to "open the kimono" and show you my process of applying for a job from start to end, and how @teal_hq plays a central role in it.

What is TealHQ?

I came across TealHQ while searching for new ways of creating résumés. But TealHQ is way more than just a résumé builder. It is a dashboard for strategic job hunting, which is exactly the type of job hunting you should do. It also has a lot of other features to arm you to the fullest for your job hunts, such as work style assessment, communication templates, contact tracker and much more.

A screenshot from the Teal HQ dashboard. It shows the 6 options available, that is job tracker, contact tracker, work styles, career history, knowledge base and community.

How is it a dashboard?

What does a dashboard do, really? It brings about all the information that you might need for a task in one place, cleanly, in a decent arrangement. This is how TealHQ does it for a job hunt.

  • You can see all the jobs that you are interested in, wherever you found them, in one place.
  • For 𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵 of the job, add personal notes, contact details, and rate your interest in it.
  • Update the status for each application as you progress.

How to bring all jobs to one place?

Never depend on only one platform for your job search. LinkedIn is very good, but there are so many other platforms too. You can use AngelList, Talent500, & company websites among many others. There is Instahyre, Hirect, and so many new websites for this.

With the world going remote, job boards like Remoteur are gaining even more prevalence and must not be discounted. But I digress. My point is that you should search in many places and that will naturally result in many jobs that interest you. TealHQ will help you collate them all in one place for managing them easily.

Sidenote - referrals are always gold in job hunts.

Searching on so many places and relying on memory is a surefire way of losing track of most of them. The best solution is to use TealHQ's Chrome extension. Now, when you find a job you like, use the extension to save the job. It prefills relevant details. If it doesn't, you fill them in or edit them.

How to add details to each job?

Click on a saved job to open the posting. It will show you if the job is still online (top right) or if you are too late in applying. Click on the icons in the panel on the right to enter or view the notes that you added for this job, and to enter or view the relevant contact details connected with this job. It might be of the person who referred you, or a recruiter, or the interviewing person, etc.

Stagewise management

𝗡𝗼𝘄 it gets better. Teal provides you with a checklist for EACH stage of your job application. Just follow the steps in the checklist and you will have done way more than the average applicant. It gets EVEN better. There are ready-made communication templates for you to reach out to contacts!

Updating the status

As you move ahead with an application, you change the status. You can update it as interviewing, negotiating, accepted or declined.

You're probably thinking, "big deal" right now, but getting to know where you stand across applications is a boon in the long run. Also, this helps you apply the 80/20 rule across all your jobs. That way you can double down on the most promising ones.

No point in wasting time and effort on a job that you might not have a great chance of getting.

Correlating with my book

There's another reason why I'm infatuated with TealHQ: The playbook they have listed out is superbly similar to what I've outlined in my book! To summarize, the ideal way of hunting for a job is:

  • Find out the ideal role for you given your present situation.
  • Research for the companies that have these roles.
  • Tap your network to get referrals and connections in those companies.
  • Create an outstanding résumé that matches the job description.
  • Write a cover letter that is irresistible to the hiring manager.
  • Know the kind of questions they ask and how to answer them. (I have a list in my book.)
  • Negotiate hard but be polite when you've been made a job offer.
  • Lastly, be the best you can be at this job.

Although it sounds stupidly simple, this is not as easy to execute as it looks to be. But I also know it works, because I've done it many times before, and I've done it very recently too. Read here about how my cover letter got me an interview call in less than 48 hours beating about 150 applicants.

So all in all, if you are job hunting, be strategic. Go for quality over quantity in this matter. Use tools and resources, the ones listed in my book or others, doesn't matter.

But don't do it alone, your job hunt is way too important for that.

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