If you are regular on Twitter, you will see lots of movements on Twitter. Out of them, here are three that I envy because I can't join them for various reasons:




So instead, I am a part of a couple that I can actually work on:



But I need a third movement to balance the scales. So here's what I am doing:

As you know, I'm all about strategic job hunting. Not the type of boring, old school job searching method of submitting a stock résumé on a job portal. No, but a planned exercise towards getting AJYL - A Job You Love.

I should know; I've had 6 jobs in 10 yrs; 1 for the 1st 5, 5 in the next 5. I've also written a book on it!

So combining these totally unconnected topics, I thought there is surely someone hiring in public; someone getting hired in public.


I researched extensively (by which I mean that I searched for all of five minutes on Twitter) and found nothing. My conclusion is that this is unprecedented. Nobody's hired in public.

Not until now, anyway.

So here's what I am going to do. I am going to get hired in public.

I will follow the same tips, tricks, tools, resources, & strategies that I've put in my book.

I'll test them out in public and update my job hunting progress regularly, maybe even daily.

* shits pants *

What's more, I will try for more than one type of job, because why not. Life's too short, YOLO, FOMO, and all the associated terms.

That's all good and fine, but why should you care? What's in it for you?

Great question.

1. Entertainment.

2. Learning.

3. You can cheer me on.

And most importantly, if you are also on your way to a job change, we can help each other, collate knowledge, codify experiences, and make it easier for everyone after us to search for a job they love, instead of just taking any job that comes their way.

How's that sound?

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