Who am I?

Someone who changed jobs while switching industries from lighting to writing.

I am currently a technical writer... so, technically, I am a writer!

Oh, my name is Abhilash, by the way. Nice to meet you.

I am a former lighting controls expert with a decade's experience. The bulk of my career has been marketing products in a language that makes complex topics look simple and approachable. After 9 years in lighting, I have successfully made a transition into the IT industry to pursue my passion for words and I currently work as a Technical Writer.

In this time, I have interacted with top management persons (CEOs, CTOs, etc.) as well as personnel on the ground (technicians, installers, etc.) as well. I have used this time to hone my communication skills and express the same idea in different ways. I have learnt how to try and find a common ground to build up effective communication.

Straight from college, I was hired by an MNC. I held that job for 5 years in which I was promoted thrice. In the next 5 years, I have changed jobs 5 times. So I know both sides of the coin - lengthy, fruitful stays; short, quick-learn stays.

I have attended many interviews to be hired and a few interviews to hire people as well. Now, I have a good understanding of how to read between the lines in job descriptions and the mechanisms with which candidates are evaluated.

I have also completed a high profile, international course to understand the psychology of hiring managers and how to present our best side as a candidate without falsifying data.

When you learn from me, you get the best-distilled version of all of these cumulative experiences and knowledge.

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